Travel Executive of the Year Award 2018
The ATMC Travel Executive of the Year program is now in its 7th year. The initiative is to identify and showcase innovation within our ATMC members. The Award is designed to recognise and reward excellence across a range of areas within our segment, including but not limited to technology, sales, service delivery, marketing, account management, and financial processing.
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Title and Company:

Please outline your area of speciality within the industry (i.e. technology, account management, service delivery, sales, marketing etc.) Explain the overall relevance to the market of your product/solution/idea (200 words or less)

Describe the impact that your solution/idea made following implementation (100 words or less)

Please describe the service excellence components in your speciality. i.e.. technology, products, sales, account management, marketing or service delivery. (200 words or less)

In what way is your solution/idea unique? Outline any competitive advantage. (100 words or less)

Describe the market need after your solution/idea was implemented (100 words or less)

Please outline the savings, efficiencies, other benefits of your solution (200 words or less)

Describe whether the forecasted benefits met or exceeded expectations (100 words or less)

Thank you for your submission. These will be collated and sent to our external panel of judges. A shortlist of nominees will be notified prior to the award presentation. The winner will be announced in March 2018.
Thank you to our sponsors - ACTE Global, Virgin Australia, Delta Airlines and TIME.

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